Mixed Bag

Life is a varied collection of people or things.....

Oh dear Lord it's been a minute since I've done a blog post but I haven't missed a beat navigating through this thing called life so my content should still flow as usual...lol.  It's funny how life works, referring back to the title of this post it is truly a mixed bag. Life consist of things that are of very different types, qualities and values and as much as I get fed up with day to day bullshit I know that there is nothing more precious than life itself. I have been so blessed and I am so grateful to the point that I actually thank the Lord for the "mixed" days. Because truly what is life without a challenge?  When shit starts coming down on me left and right out of nowhere I look at it as the "responsible kid syndrome". Responsible kid syndrome is when parents put more responsibility on that one "go to" sibling because they know deep down they are strong and able to deal with certain situations and the remaining idiots they birthed wouldn't have the slightest idea (sad but true..lol).  Well there you have it, I feel and I know that the man upstairs is well aware of my strength and have total confidence that I'm going to handle shit and come out swinging. Which brings me to my new website that I'm super excited about.  Not only to be sharing/venting day to day bullshit again:) but to also share my passion of fashion.  

Mixed Media Tracksuit; Stun Over-sized  Shield Shades; River Island Crossover Mules

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