About Swoon

Swoon started as a blog back in 2010 before Instagram was a thing, curated by Jeeda Jones in Milwaukee WI an avid lover of fashion. Having an extensive fashion buying career under my belt my dream was to launch "my own".  I didn't care if "my own" consisted of a lemonade stand..so what "it's mine"!! Fast forward 9 years a move to California and a career change. A career change which threw me into retail buying for eCom opposed to brick and mortar but the hustle and drive remained the same. I'm not going to lie these past few years I've been in honeymoon mode..meaning I fell in love with Cali and all it had to offer (beautiful weather etc.) while sleeping on my vision...I say that to say this..."Remain True and Stay the Course".  That being said I am proudly to announce the RE-launch of Swoon (SWOONBLOG)!